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times of change

While the world is in a state of necessary upheaval, I find myself in an oddly still place. New Zealand’s lockdown has ended, but I’mRead More

Lockdown and Liberty

The pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the massive inequalities on which the “old normal” world was built on, and given us privileged people a taste of what has long been the reality for far too many people all over the world. We cannot scream about our rights to move and consume when that lifestyle is based on so many others being denied those same rights.

Pandemic Party

News From Where We Are

Furtherfield, my favourite online community, has started a new podcast, “News from where we are”,iInspired by reports from members of the Netbehaviour email list located around the world. I’m delighted to be included in the first episode, which was published on Friday 10 April.

This computer illustration depicts the density of space junk around Earth in low-Earth orbit. (Image: © ESA)

should we be worried about 5G?

5G is being rolled out literally across the world – with thousands of satellites launched into the ionosphere to blanket the planet with millimetre microwaves. What are the environmental and public health impacts of this technology? Who is regulating it, and who stands to benefit? Do we really need 5G?