I am one week into the 14 days of “managed isolation” currently required to enter New Zealand, and so far surviving very well. With anRead More

Lockdown and Liberty

The pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the massive inequalities on which the “old normal” world was built on, and given us privileged people a taste of what has long been the reality for far too many people all over the world. We cannot scream about our rights to move and consume when that lifestyle is based on so many others being denied those same rights.

The Glasgow Effect by Ellie Harrison

my unsustainable life

I’ve just finished reading Ellie Harrison’s inspirational book, The Glasgow Effect, which has the byline “a tale of class, capitalism and carbon footprint”. It tells the story of Ellie’s one-year project to “not travel beyond Glasgow’s city limits, or use any vehicles except my bike, for a whole calendar year.”

marching on the inside

Today is the day of the big world-wide climate strike. I was going to join the march at Königsplatz here in Munich, but I’ve got the flu. So instead, I’m marching on the inside, writing this blog post, and modelling what we need to do to help the planet: do less; say no; slow down; STOP.