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swim at mesto zensk

swim - an exercise in remote intimacy
Photographer: Nada Zgank




Recipes for 2010
Recipes for 2010


a gesture through the flames
a gesture through the flames


by Shelley Jackson


Women With Big Eyes
Women with Big Eyes
The Magdalena Project




  • "rings" (2007) - digital video collaboration with Igneous.
  • "Openings" (1992), a docudrama about the alternative art scene in Dunedin, NZ; co-writer (with Karen Nobes), director and producer; screened in Dunedin and at the 1992 Canterbury Short Film Festival.
  • "Sex, Lies and Shepherds Pie" (1992), director; screened at the Mothra Student Video Competition and nominated in numerous categories, winning Best Actress.
  • editing video for inclusion in performances and video documentation of performances, since 1987.


  • Magdalena München Saison 2018, February-April 2018
  • Händelser vid Havet, streaming and projections for street theater project of Teater Interakt and Malmų Community Teater, Malmų, August 2017
  • Unaussprechbarlich, Frauen Theater Festival, Frankfurt, November 2017
  • her light stretches - an installation of text, song, light and mirrors, premiered at Transit VIII, Odin Teatret, Denmark, June 2016;
  • Unaussprechbarlich - research, performance and website collaboration with Annie Abrahams, Nov-Dec 2015 and ongoing;
  • Tales from the Towpath - a textural treasure hunt, in collaboration with Maya Chowdry, Sarah Hymas and Michelle Green; Manchester Literature Festival, October 2014;
  • The Salmagundi - digital artist for an interactive installation for 9-13 year olds in libraries in Stoke-in-Trent, produced by B-Arts, 2014-16;
  • Repository for Knowledge & Art - group exhibition at Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Potsdam; curated by Dr. Cornelia Osswald-Hoffman, July 2012;
  • Biennale For One - group exhibition at Das Klohäuschen, Munich, 12 May - 10 June 2012; documentation of an online performance that never happened, Open Borders (2008); May 2012;
  • "Adventures in Cyberformance: experiments at the interface of theatre and the internet" - masters thesis completed 2008, QUT;
  • "Real Time, Virtual Space, Live Theatre" - chapter in The ADA New Media Reader, published 2008;
  • "recipes for life" text, sound & mirror installation at Schaumbad, Graz, in collaboration with Eva Ursprung & Schaumbad artists (September 2010);
  • exile. in Skin by Shelley Jackson (since December 2007);
  • attending arts festivals around the world as a participant and arts writer (some articles are available on this site);
  • articles published in The Open Page (2001, 2003, 2006);
  • researching the New Zealand digital animation sector (2003) and film and multimedia industry (2001) for Industry New Zealand scoping documents;
  • weekly column in the NZ Infotech (2001-02);
  • project managing Nice Little Learner, a CD-ROM produced for Financial Education in British high schools (2000);
  • researching and writing the content for the CD-ROM Creative Explorer for arts education in New Zealand schools (1996-97);
  • writing, producing and directing theatre and video productions in Dunedin and Wellington, NZ;
  • coordinating Artslink, an arts information service, for the Wellinton Community Arts Council (1994-95);
  • marketing assistant for the Royal New Zealand Ballet (1995-96) and editor of Dance News magazine (1996-97);
  • founding editor of DANZ magazine (1996);
  • setting up and teaching Career Ys for the Wellington YWCA (1996);
  • library assistant, Otago University Law Library (1993-94) and Medical Library (Dunedin, NZ, 1988-92);
  • President, Otago University Students' Association (1991).



  • Magdalena München Saison 2018, February-April 2018
  • Unaussprechbarlich, Frauen Theater Festival, Frankfurt, November 2017
  • "make-shift" - networked performance collaboration with Paula Crutchlow; premiered December 2010 in Italy, UK and online;
  • "let ME go" - performance installation in collaboration with Antonella Diana; premiered at the Ringkøbing International Theatre Festival, May 2009, then toured Ringkøbing regional libraries in October 2009;
  • "Women With Big Eyes" - ongoing collaboration with artists of the Magdalena Project: January 2007 (Odin Teatret, Denmark); January 2008 (Estudio Teatral, Cuba), August 2009 (Odin Teatret, Denmark);
  • "Demeter's Dark Ride - An Attraction" - producer; BATS Theatre, 2005.
  • Water[war]s - a performance installation directed by Jill Greenhalgh; participation in 3 of the 8 events (Brisbane 2003, Belgrade 2002, Holstebro 2001) involving cyberformance, text, images, research and performance collaboration.
  • "swim - an exercise in remote intimacy" - stage performer and concept.
  • playwright: "Phone Jam" (professional workshop, NTI, Auckland, 2002); "Between" (BATS Theatre, Wellington, 2001); "Risky/Risque" (BATS Theatre, Wellington, 1995); "Women Like Us" (Taki Rua Theatre, Wellington, 1994 and Globe Theatre, Dunedin, 1993); "The Benefits of Sex" (Allen Hall Theatre, Dunedin, 1991); "Coffee & Cake" (Allen Hall Theatre, 1989); "Mind Boggling" (Otago One Act Play Festival, 1982).
  • director:"the[abc]experiment" (BATS Theatre, Wellington, 2002); "The Debate" (BATS Theatre, Wellington, 1994); "The Winter Wife" (Allen Hall Theatre, Dunedin, 1992); "The Benefits of Sex" (Allen Hall Theatre, Dunedin, 1991); "Mind Boggling" (Otago One Act Play Festival, 1982).
  • producer: "the[abc]experiment" (BATS Theatre, Wellington, 2002); "Risky/Risque" (BATS Theatre, Wellington, 1995); "Women Like Us" (Taki Rua Theatre, Wellington, 1994 and Globe Theatre, Dunedin, 1993); Hersterix women's comedy group (Dunedin, 1991-92).
  • Women's Performance Art Collective, Dunedin, 1987-88: devising and performing in "Death in Namibia" (Chippendale House and Allen Hall Theatre, 1987-88) and "Reigning Tampons" (Allen Hall Theatre, 1988).


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