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Workshops and presentations

Helen gives lectures, presentations and workshops about UpStage, Avatar Body Collision and her own artistic practice of cyberformance. She regularly delivers remote presentations using UpStage and other online communication tools, and often these presentations take the form of performances, in collaboration with on-site and online colleagues.

Along with Vicki Smith and other UpStage artists, Helen participates in the regular Open Walkthroughs held in UpStage, providing online training sessions for newbies and jamming/improv opportunities for regular UpStagers; check the UpStage web site for date and time of the next session and how to request a guest login.

Recent lectures, presentations and workshops:

  • Life Cycles and Sustainability of FLOSS Arts Software, Libre Graphics Meeting, Saarbrücken, May 2019
  • flausen+bundes kongress, Köln, 6 February 2019: presentation "Feminismus and Gender".
  • IETM, Munich, 2 November 2018: presenter on panel "The Gender of the Future".
  • Eclectic Tech Carnival, XM24, Bologna, Italy; 8-13 October. Presentation on Free Software Sustainability.
  • Solos Ferteis, Magdalena Festival, Brasilia, Brasil, 21-29 July 2018; Magdalena München presentation and work-in-progress presentation
  • Summer School Artist in Residence, Northumbria University, UK; May 2018; We Have a Situation!
  • UpStage workshop (remote) for digital performance students at the University of South Wales, January 2018;
  • UpStage workshop (remote) for digital performance students at the University of South Wales, January 2017;
  • Artist in Residence, Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University, UK; 2016; We Have a Situation!
  • Artist in Residence, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham UK: workshops and lectures on digital storytelling, cyberformance, creating with QR codes and Zappar codes; September 2015;
  • Virtual Artist in Residence, NTU Singapore, March 2015: cyberformance presentation and workshops;
  • Transmediale 2015, Commoning the Networks: Feminist Methodology - discussion and workshop;
  • Manchester Literature Festival, October 2015: one-day workshop on "Building Immersive Stories", with Sarah Hymas;
  • TransHackFeminist, Calafou, August 2015: UpStage workshop and performance;
  • Artist in Residence, University of the Creative Arts Farnham, March 2014; presentations and workshops about cyberformance, performance created with students;
  • UpStage presentation, Flossie, November 2013, with Vicki Smith in New Zealand;
  • UpStage workshop, York St John University, November 2013;
  • Guest speaker on the online course Designing Collaborative Workshops, School of Open, 28 August 2013 (video here, from about 8m);
  • Cyberformance workshop, Transit Festival, Denmark, June 2013 - in collaboration with Gabriella Sacco; performance workshop with participants in Denmark, New Zealand and Brasil using streaming and UpStage;
  • We have a situation! - March-May 2013, four workshops (4-5 days) for artists and non-artist participants to research an issue, learn about cyberformance and UpStage, and create and present a cyberformance then host a networked discussion about the issue; documentation on the We have a situation! web site;
  • UpStage presentation, TIP 2013, online, January 2013 (screen recording here);
  • Writing Together Differently, presentation at Remediating the Social conference, Edinburgh, November 2012 (video here);
  • UpStage workshop, York St John University, October 2012;
  • make-shift presentation, Digital Textuality with/in Performance, May 2012;
  • UpStage presentation, Libre Graphics Meeting, Vienna, May 2012 (video here);
  • UpStage workshop and Presentation, Electropixel festival, Nantes, May 2012;
  • Performing Open Source presentation, LiWoLi, May 2011 (video here);
  • Cyberformance workshop, Belgrade, November 2010;
  • UpStage presentation, Libre Graphics Meeting, Brussels, May 2010 (video here);
  • Cyberformance workshop, Machine Divas, Vienna, July 2009;
  • UpStage workshop, UpGrade! Munich, July 2009;
  • UpStage workshop, Norsk Telemuseum, Oslo, June 2009;
  • Performing Presence: from the live to the simulated, Exeter University, UK: remote presentation Are You There? via UpStage, with Paula Crutchlow, March 2009,;
  • SCANZ Symposium, New Plymouth NZ: proximal and online performative presention Enacting Collective Intelligence, using UpStage, February 2009;
  • Digital and Interactive Media in Entertainment and the Arts (DIMEA), Athens Greece: remote UpStage presentation and workshop, 10 September 2008;
  • Conference on Intermediality, Theatricality, Performance, (Re)-presentation and the New Media , 24-30 May 2007, Centre de Recherche sur L'Intermedialite (CRI), Universite de Montreal, Canada - presented a paper on UpStage, Cyberformance, and the Intermedial Audience (pending publication in the conference papers);
  • Reconceptualising Early Childhood Education, Rotorua December 2006;
  • UpStage workshop, Whitireia Polytechnic, November 2006;
  • UpStage workshop, Dunedin Fringe Festival, October 2006;
  • UpStage workshop (online), Eclectic Tech Carnival, Romania, August 2006;
  • Presentations & workshops, SCANZ, July 2006;
  • Workshop on e-marketing for the arts, Nelson Arts Marketing, June 2006;
  • Presentation, Connecting Coasters Conference, Greymouth, March 2006;
  • Workshop, Computing Women's Congress, Waikato University, Feb 2006;
  • Presentation, _emerge_, Dunedin NZ, November 2005;
  • UpStage Workshop, taught online from New Zealand for /etc, Graz, Austria, July 2005;
  • Lecture, Victoria University, Wellington NZ, August 2005;
  • Presentation, re:mote, Auckland NZ, March 2005;
  • UpStage Workshop, taught online from New Zealand for a group of artists at CAN, Manchester UK; November 2004;
  • Presentation, Trondheim Matchmaking, Norway; October 2004;
  • UpStage Workshop, /etc, Belgrade, Serbia; July 2004
  • Presentation, Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, June 2004
  • UpStage Workshop, FAKI Festival, Zagreb, Croatia; May 2004
  • Cyberformance Workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (with Karla Ptacek); February 2004
  • Lecture, Aberystwyth University, Wales; February 2004
  • Lecture, Goldsmiths University, London UK; February 2004
  • Lecture, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland; October 2003
  • Cyberformance Workshop, Mesto Zensk City of Women Contemporary Arts Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia; October 2003
  • UpStage Presentation, [09]03 Music Festival, Auckland, NZ (online); October 2003
  • Presentation, Plaything Symposium, Sydney, Australia (online); October 2003
  • Cyberformance Workshop, INFANT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia; June 2003
  • Presentation, Magdalena Australia, Brisbane, Australia, April 2003
  • Presentation, Medi@terra New Media Festival, Athens, Greece, December 2002
  • Lecture, Aberystwyth University, Wales; November 2002
  • Lecture, Manchester Metropolitan University, England; November 2002
  • Presentation, MediaLab South Pacific, Wellington, New Zealand, October 2002
  • Presentation, Arts International, New York City, USA; April 2002
  • Lecture, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, USA; March 2002
  • Lecture, New York University, New York, USA; March 2002
  • Cyberformance Workshop, (e)vision, Wellington, New Zealand; February 2002
  • Presentation, Magdalena Australia, Brisbane, Australia; October 2001
  • Presentation, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark; January 2001


Other training roles:

  • Ongoing since 2004, design and delivery of online cyberformance workshops in the UpStage platform, including writing user manuals and other documentation.
  • WebWorks: designed and taught a four-month full-time course in web development for unemployed women, Outlook Resources, Wellington, 1999.
  • Career Ys: designed and delivered a six-month programme of career-planning workshops and mentoring for young women, YWCA, Wellington, 1996.
  • BATS Theatre Seminar Series: coordinated a series of theatre production seminars for the Wellington theatre community, 1994.


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