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Antonella Diana

Antonella DianaAfter studying Graphic Design at the Institute of Art Sivio D’Amico, Antonella graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Art of Rome, Italy in 1985. From 1983, she began to collaborate with theatre companies in Rome, architecture studios and magazines. Since then, her professional work in the field of performing arts, painting and graphic design has been developing in parallel. She is the co-founder of Teatret OM (1989) for whom she did set design, costume, lighting design and graphic publication until 2002. She has collaborated on productions with: Dah Teatar Research Centre from 1995 in various productions, (Serbia and Montenegro); Odin Teatret, Musikdramatisk Teater and Vindenes Bro (Denmark). In 1998 she was introduced to Icon Painting through studies with a private tutor.


Helen Varley Jamieson

Helen Varley JamiesonWith a background in theatre as a writer, producer and director, and a career in the internet and digital arts industry, it was only a matter of time before Helen began to explore the creative potential of the internet as an artistic medium. Since 2000, she has been experimenting in cyberformance - using the internet to bring remote performers together in live performance. She has worked with Desktop Theater and since 2002 with Avatar Body Collision, addressing questions such as "how is technology changing our definition of theatre?" and "what role does cyberformance have in theatre?". She has been actively involved in the Magdalena Project since 1997, fulfilling the role of Web Queen since 1999. She's had three of her own plays professionally produced in New Zealand and currently divides her time between New Zealand and Europe.


Teatret OM

Founded in Rome in 1989 by Sandra Pasini and Antonella Diana, Teatret OM became an official Danish theatre company in 1996 and since 2006 it is a regional theatre supported by the state with its base in Ringkøbing, Denmark.

"Let ME Go" is presented in the programme of Ur-Nat/Natur (The Primeval Night/Nature), the 2nd international theatre festival that Teatret OM has organised in Ringkøbing, and it coincides with Teatret OM's 20th anniversary.


Contributing Artists

Rita Superbi (Ninshubur - drums)
Frida Molsted Noergaard (voice - Danish)
Guillermo Angelilli (Neti the Gatekeeper)
Valborg Jensen (the weaver)




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