Transit and Transition

June is shaping up to be a busy month: the first two weeks I will be in Denmark at the 10th Transit Festival, one of the main Magdalena events; and a week later I’ll be in Berlin at Transitioning – a conference on the art, politics and technologies of gender change.

Transit Festival 2022At Transit, I’ll be working with Sara Larsdotter Hallquist from Teater InterAkt on another mirror installation, this time incorporating themes, research and ideas from Mobilise/Demobilise and Next Moves. It will be a similar format to the installation I created for InterAkt’s performance Ingen frågar (Nobody Asked) in 2019, which we also presented at the Transit festival that year – continuing the development of the mirror installation concept that began in Graz in 2010 with Eva Ursprung and was first presented at Transit in 2016 with her light stretches. I am really enjoying this artistic recycling and combining, bringing the work of multiple projects and people together. Thematically this time we are turning the focus of the mobilise-demobilise theme towards military mobilisations and displacements.

Transitioning Conference 2022The Transitioning conference has invited a diverse group of speakers and performers to address the complexities of gender transition. I’ve been asked to be part of a panel for a Q&A following a screening of videos from Diane Torr‘s early archive. This also connects different parts of my work, as as well as my connection with Diane, Magdalena München has recently orgainsed the Performing Gender weekend, looking at the representation of gender roles in daily life and in theatre.