in the beginning

Basilica Cistern,Istanbul

it was new year 2009. rosie and i ran through the bus tunnel in the middle of the night, my velvet coat floating around me, thrilled to be reborn into hataitai in the pre-dawn of the new year. and it was to be a most auspicious year. i wrote an eloquent post to launch my blog, but now it’s gone along with so many other words, things, people.

we celebrated granny’s 100th birthday, i traversed the globe again, played with the winds and fell off my bike in denmark and knew that i needed to stay on this side of the world for a while. with suzon and james, i had an artistic residency at the villa waldberta in germany, and met andy. in istanbul while torrential rain fell, stopping trains and planes and drowning people, i learned of granny’s death on the other side of the world; i sat and talked about her with jale in the basilica cistern. in exeter with paula we hatched a plan for a new performance and in new york i dragged andy to as many strange avant garde performances as possible. it didn’t scare her away.

i returned to new zealand ready to leave again.