“biennale for one”

my work is currently featured in the “biennale for one” at Das KloHäuschen in munich curated by dr. cornelia oswald-hoffmann, the “biennale for one” features documentation of projects that have not been realised. my exhibit is from the performance i created for the open borders lounge in 2008, in which my web cam stopped functioning at the exact moment that i was cued to begin. i restarted skype, & the cam started operating again, but i had missed my slot & in the end it wasn’t possible to slip me back into the programme. so it has been an interesting process to revisit the work & prepare some images to go with the audio recording that i made for the live performance

Biennale for one, KloHäuschen

the exhibition features all kinds of other works, represented in myriad ways – from models to collections of materials to sketches or text outlines. it’s a really interesting glimpse into the process of many different artists working in various artforms.

& the venue is interesting – i’ve been here previously for a winter festival & another exhibition. a former public toilet, it features an excellent full-length glass door, a discreet half-wall of glass blocks to give the pissers a little privacy, & half a dozen gleaming white porcelain urinals. the small space is full of potential; zecica has now been invited to make an exhibition there … let’s see what she does!