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Machinista Festival, Glasgow, 9 May 2004

(grey text is audience members and performers not holding an avatar)


UpStage: your 3 minutes call
no way
so the show will start in 3 mins?

hen: ooo show's gonna start soon
yes way

UpStage: please extinguish smoking devices
inner m achinista lively doers it
have i got time for a pee?

hen: make it a quick one ...
we are the only ones that are in the real real map
we dont see anything

UpStage: 2 minutes to showtime
hen: you should see a map
how not?
i donty see that as a good thiong

K: if Machinista is not seeing anything
hen: can everyone see the map?
we see
hen: there is nothing else on stage yet
map looks great
i smell

hen: bcos show hasn't started
and the sound is good too!



DTN2 - scene 1

The Show

<Narrator> DTN2
<Narrator> It happened on a night like any night
<Narrator> and it happened quickly
what was it like?
<Narrator> we'd been cautious from the start
<Narrator> cautious and nervous
where was it?
<Narrator> which is odd isnt?
<Narrator> it was just a show
like the beginning ogf something beautiful
fairley odd

<Narrator> wots to be afraid of?
<Narrator> An unmasking?
not ,uch i'm afraid
<Narrator> A technical seizure
a mis implant
<Narrator> The chat window audience wwas A BIG unknown of course
<Narrator> and the software was still a little buggy
<Narrator> but we came together
<Narrator> as we usually do
<Narrator> from our separate parts of the map
<Narrator> Bu that Night
naratetghiksw ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
that night what?
hey narrator - where are you physically located?

<vicki> wow
hello thwere
<vicki> that was wierd
<Narrator> the streets were wet
<vicki> i am sure there is someone there
havingh fun are we
people were also wet
yes we are here
i was afraid i would slip in my new stilleto heels

<vicki> but if i follow my usual path
rain came
in horizontal sheets across her path
what up all you where you at
we'd rented the hole
a joke name for a damp space

<vicki> ckand double back
from a slum landlady
no one wanted to stay in this part of town

<vicki> phew think i lost them,
not since the war
the atomic dogs were barking under cover from the downpour
why not
so it was cheap
what war

<vicki> l;en!
the atomic dogs were friendly
<Len> not so loud!!!
and the audience was just after

<vicki> knock knock
<Len> password?
<vicki> lemme in
a warm place to rest
free coffee

<vicki> dtn2
atomic coffee
free snacks
free food

<Len> is that you vicki?
<vicki> yes yes let me in
<Len> phewww, fall in
vicki was first to arrive
Len had rigged up a wifi node

<Len> you are sooo late?
it worked
no i was first to arrive

<vicki> where are the others?
the rain created an unusual surface on my skin almost like the effect of nightshot on a digicam

<Len> where the hell is hen and thalia?
<vicki> both of them not here?
Thalia was a new member
<Len> i am gonna kill them when they get here
<vicki> damn
out in the rain
our AI rep
didn't someone go to the toitlet
we called her 'Dolly'
the cab broke down

<tahlia> shit, late already!
<Len> sho start soon
she didnt know the ropes
<pc> hey you!
zo & an are stil stucked in he silent mapt
<tahlia> where's the address ...
she came up Hammermie
<pc> stop
<tahlia> what???
dunno wot happened exactly
somebody was murdered?
she never showed
a freeze?
from the security of their cover, the atomic dogs surveyed the autonomous zone

<Len> aargghh!!
hungry but not rabid

<Len> we shouldnt have hired thalia
some said she was pushed
<Len> so so goddam late and it is her first show
maybe raped?
she wasn't confrontational
oh she s just out there in the rain
but she didn't have papers
and the cab broke down
the cab
always the cab
the atomic dogs don't discriminate
Hen was next to arrive
this is new work
she came with her atomic dog

<hen> it's going to be a great show
no, it s an atomic cat
new york

<hen> as logn as we all get there ...
no, it's a big electric cat
oh yeah we will

<hen> it's so bloody sticky tonite!
<Len> bloody hell we are srewed

<hen> something strange going on!
len was chain smoking

<hen> i'm late
<hen> knock knock!
wot was the point?
<Len> sheet it is starting
<Len> password?!?!?!?
<hen> dtn2!
no point never

<hen> lemm in!
any point in doing anything
<hen> sorry i'm late
<Len> fuk hen finally here
<Len> quick quick
the war broke out

<hen> something strange going on out there
<Len> new lover keeping u busy?
<hen> where's tahlia???
and the cab broke down

<Len> oh here we go.. it is starting
<hen> we do the show anyway
<Len> 'never mind thalia
no thelflight was delayed

<hen> break a digit everyone!
yes, go on with the show

<hostess> hello and wlecome!
<hostess> how is everyone tonight?
blair the liar
<hostess> are you all ready for a GOOD TIME?
eager with anticipation

<hostess> we're going to play ....
and where is georgie boz

<hostess> WHAT'S IN THE BOX!
Gawd. sorry you women and students but was loitering at the gate.
<hostess> and we have a very special guest for you tonight
an iraa

<hostess> one of your favourite folks!

<hostess> you just love him, i know ...
a bomb
<hostess> put your hands together for ...
da bomb
an iraa

<hostess> ... drum roll ...
weapon of mass destruciton

a iraqui sex slave
buba bush
bin laden
too easy

<hostess> come on out, bubba!
a voodoo sex offender
<hostess> don't be shy

<witb> bubbaaa!
<hostess> there's a crowd here waiting for you!
<hostess> ahah
everybody can shoot at Bush but who can shoot at Bin Laden and Bush?
<hostess> here you are
on big screen now at machinista
<hostess> looking handsome as usual, bubba!
goerge bushie live
<Bubba> Hi Sports Fans!
<hostess> we have a screaming crowd of 11
will we get to meet the axis of evil knevil?

<hostess> and everyone knows the rules, right?
<hostess> we ask bubba 10 questions
<Bubba> Honey I made the rules
<hostess> to try and guess what's in the box
there are only corporate rules
a buba

<hostess> so who's got a question for bubba?
we make them up
<Bubba> Looking mighty pretty tonight Tone
another box
no rules for the monster

<hostess> thanks bubba
<pc> hey audience has a question
<witb> is it organic?
how dou spell globalisation?
<hostess> globalisation?
<Bubba> organic?
<hostess> gee, i don't know that one
<hostess> can you spell it, bubba?
<Bubba> (wot kind of fucking question is that)
<pc> do multinational corporations profit from it
<Bubba> erm
<Bubba> Yes its American
<hostess> it's meant to be a yes or no question
<Bubba> Right Tone
<hostess> otherwise it
but do you spell it with an s or a z

<hostess> is too hard
<Bubba> (Fucking moron, who is he?)
I'm an exile American
fuck bush

<Bubba> Ask me something hard Tone
why, yes we are the parents ofefficiency
will it bring about world peace

<hostess> ok bubba,
<hostess> did laura give it to you for xmas?
are you drunk?
<Bubba> Nah
Jessie are you here as a guest?
<Bubba> shucks nah
<hostess> and from the audience
<hostess> will it bring world peace?
three guiness
do you smoke?

<Bubba> Well
i didn't inhale
well what
are people looking for it

<Bubba> I want to leave the world as i found it for my predecessors Tone

<Bubba> So yes
<hostess> yes or no, bubba!
<hostess> oh ok
<hostess> and another one -
<Bubba> Yes
<hostess> are lots of people looking for it?
is it something to go to war for
we are naked and exposed

<Bubba> Yep
<hostess> and would you go to war for it?
??? is it something to go to war for???
<hostess> gee these are tough ones!
<hostess> i can see you have to think about that, bubba
<hostess> take your time
? can we eat it?
<Bubba> I'm a peace loving man tone, dont misunderestimated me
or will it come and find you?
we should promote a carnival in the street
destroy all weapons
can we rink it?

<hostess> can we eat it, someone wants to know
a naked, raucous, people dancing
rink it?

<hostess> that would be good
drink it sorry
mohitos, margaritas

<hostess> i'm a bit peckish right now
<Bubba> People like it, it is good thing, yes
vodka vodka
? is it going to build the infrastructure of a middle eastern nation?

<hostess> ok, we're up to the penultimate question!
<Bubba> (Who let those fucking people in)
long island ice teas, car bombs (the drink)
<hostess> that means second last, bubba
<Bubba> Shoot
<hostess> what's it going to be
will it cancel the 3td world debt?
are they weapons of MASS DESTYRUCTION

<Bubba> (favourite word)
<Bubba> Oh yes Oh yes
<hostess> did you hear that bubba?
<hostess> they are???
<hostess> weapons of mass destruction???
<hostess> and last question -
<Bubba> Sure thing sweet princess
<hostess> ARE THEY YOURS!?
<Bubba> Hit me darlin
information of mass destruction?
<Bubba> Mine? Oh yes all mine!
oh yes hit im
the sound of fear
feet running
burning buildings
cars overturned
the stench of burning flesh
debris flying
the dust
dust everywhere
women screaming
in our eyes and noses
its' time for microwave popcorn
choking on dust
and children running in search of their parents
children crying
and schwarznagger
the media
shoes lost in the street
a cameraman
beatutiful stories
dogs dazed
trying to get a shot of a shoe on the road
blood everywhere
chaos, confusion
beautiful stories
with a womand wialing in the background
the smell of fear
the sound of panic
tv stations
coming up with soundtracks
they came up

<hen> what happened???
<vicki> ohey hen
<hen> vicki!
we moved
only memories and psychic spaces fluidly detoured across a virtual map

<vicki> this is wierd
everything was pristine
<hen> what's going on?
<hen> we were doing the show
<vicki> it was all bombed out before
<hen> then it exploded ...
<hen> and now this
<vicki> yes
of atomic dogs, broken coffee cups
nobody about

<hen> who cleaned it up?
<vicki> and where's out hole
<hen> and why?
except media teams

<CCTV> A terrorist from daughters of the revolution was arrested today in an attempt of blowing up a police station...
<vicki> hey
god did

<vicki> did you hear that
<hen> what???
surreptitious dreams, of daughters of the revolution
the fire disinfect
news loops

<CCTV> 1st world leareds are really pissed off
<vicki> that must be what happened to tahlia
<hen> who was arrested?
of plastic surgery and burning plastic
<vicki> but hen
which police station
<hen> you think tahlia was arrested???
<vicki> it wasn't a police station
<hen> omigod
<CCTV> all kinds of therrorist groups are being hunted down like dog
<hen> omigod
<vicki> it was a tv statuiobn
the text revovled
<hen> it means they're onto us!!!
<CCTV> black kittens
<vicki> this is all lies
<hen> what are we going to do!?
<vicki> we must hide
everything is fake
<hen> i'm scared
<CCTV> allimha yedda
celebrityjunkkitchencblack kittens
<vicki> what about in here
<hen> but vi ...
we must hide beneath our own skin
all bleedinginto one another
fake is everything

<CCTV> notorious girl scouts
i m scared of what
<vicki> we must hide from the m
<CCTV> bader haubtbanhof
scared of burning flesh

<hen> in the chat?
<vicki> hen
scared of fear
<hen> we could merge with the masses
scared of your death
<CCTV> and now onwadrs for the world events
<vicki> they are everywhere
our eyes must remain outside and our minds in a perpetual state of transfixia
<vicki> look
<hen> omigod
<hen> they really are everywhere!
<vicki> even in antartica
new world order
the border loomed up

<vicki> hen we must escape into chat
bin laden is growing maryjane in iceland

<hen> yes we must!
<vicki> with the other subversives
across the divide they read the chatters
somebody is always gonna to doit. Anyone on top

<vicki> hold my hand
hen: vi???
clean map
rumsfield is american's idol
hen: i jumped!
v: you here hen
hen: where are you, vi?
wait for us
hen: oh there
v hen i gotcha
men are bigger than countries
we are safe here
bush is fondly petting his new toaster from target
we can continue the struggle
hey it's squashed now
sea is all around us
what do zyou mean with safe
Rumsfield is not an American idol don't dumb it down like Americans do Ireland.
we must act
the multitude must become the monster
act how?
life is an act
what does this map represent?
acknowledge the micro
do not drink war
and the macro
big men on small nations?
explain your passions and visions
but not the macrobiotic
too much hassle when you can eat microwave popcorn
chose what? Muslim rule?
is this over?
i dont act i fly

<ABC> You have been watchin DTN2
Bin Laden?
fly out of space

<ABC> a cyberformance demo of Upstage
what is the significance of the dragon fly?
in an alien space ship

<ABC> if you stay online
with george bush in the back
to mars

<ABC> you can participate in a Q & A
thank you thank hyou for waking us up to argue
<ABC> session with the glasgow audience
<ABC> and the online audience
wot audience?

<ABC> together with members of the company
we re not audience
what is an audience
we are flyers
zou are the audience
we're performers
clap clap!!
you guys rock


To Be Continued ...

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