Avatar Body Collision


DTN2 was created specially to demonstrate UpStage at the Machinista Offline Festival, May 9th, 2004 and was the first performance created with UpStage. It continues themes that were explored in Dress The Nation.



12 months after their anti-war cyberformance 'Dress the Nation', a group of virtual performers attempt to restage their show. But times have changed and what was once a satirical indictment of war-mongering is now seen as an unpatriotic act.

In a society on an elevated terrorist attack code, playing with make-believe bombs is no longer tenable, especially online, where interaction quickly devolves into invasion.

DTN2 conjures up a paranoid world where the metaphors and methods of theatre become indistinguishable from the political games that are being played out on the world stage. In such an environment, what weapons do we choose?

Do we act?

Read the log from the Machinista performance

Avatar Body Collision would like to thank Douglas, Jen, the staff and tech at Machinista, CybeRex Belgrade, Ultralab Christchurch, MediaLab South Pacific and the UpStage funders: Creative New Zealand and the NZ Ministry of Research, Science and Technology.

Background Research for DTN2: