This is the beginnings of a chronological list of cyberformance - performances and groups and significant events. Feel free to suggestsions to include. I am deliberately excluding networked installations and networked music/sound performances, in order to focus on my particular interest - cyberformance and theatre. For the purposes of this particular list, the performance happens during a specified time, in real time, with a group of dispersed people coming together via the internet to share a performance experience.

(actually i have included a few early events which were pre-internet, but i've included them as they are important precursors to cyberformance).


formation of activelayers, a globally dispersed cyberformance troupe.

"a gesture through the flames" - solo cyberformance by helen varley jamieson as part of the Breaking Solitude series, using the Panoplie platform.



070707 - the first UpStage Festival of live online performance features 13 performances over a 10 hour period by artists from around the world.

Odessey Contemporary Art & Performance launched as a place for artists to explore, exhibit and perform in Second Life.

Formation of Aether9,acollaborative art project exploring the field of realtime video transmission.

Formation of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, experimenting with orchestral sound and choreography in Second Life.

Live Media Lab - project of DOGONeff - ongoing







Networked Performance Blog launched.

UpStage launched - an open-source web-based venue for live online performance, incorporating concepts from graphical chat and audio-visual conferencing applications.



Second Life launched

Furthfield's Visitors' Studio launched

"Sister Valerie of the Internet" - 3 year online performance by Valerie Lamontagne with an online confessional and a number of telematic performances between 2003 and 2006.

Teatre Virtuale (2003-06) - series of live streamed theatre performances.


"To the Spice Islands" - an educational process drama created using web-based spaces and digital technologies

"Project Woomera" conducted by Brad Haseman and Kim Flintoff at QUT using a MOO environment for online role-playing drama

CandT drama-in-education group use mediatised performance and online interactions to create drama using (fictional) security cameras

Avatar Body Collision formed by four of the[abc]experiment group; see web site for performances, from 2002 to present day



"Water[war]s" - Helen Varley Jamieson and Desktop Theater present a cyberformance on stage at Odin Teatret.

"the[abc]experiment" - led by Helen Varley Jamieson, an international group explores the potential for combining intetnet performance (using the Palace) with live stage performance; presented in Feb 2002 in Wellington, NZ.

"Balltika Internetika" - Igor Stromajer



"O+E"- an internet-connected performance between London and Amsterdam, using Keyworx.

Chameleons 3: Net Congestion - audience online and interacting with a webcast of performance.

"In Your Dreams: Hands-On Dance Project" and "Touchdown" - by Sita Popat & Jeffrey Gray Miller; participants contributed online via web site & video conferencing during rehearsals and performance.



Wirefire software by Aureia Harvey & Michel Samyn(Entropy8Zuper!) used to stage weekly performances which continued until 2003.

"Folds" - internet performance by Corpos Informaticos



"The Gallbladder Sonata" - MOO performance by Marlena Corcoran, performed in 1998-2001.

Andrew Colquhoun and Maria de Marias form DOGONefff to to incorporate live performance and video with the new technologies of the Internet.


"waitingforgodot.com" presented by Desktop Theater in a Palace chat room



Activeworlds released a 3D virtual environment which included an e Drama location with a Greek amphitheatre and a modern proscenium theatre.



"timeshow" - multimedia theatre show in which remote artists participated via video-conferencing.

M@ggie's Love Bytes by Amanda Steggel

The Online Front Porch - part of a series of online projects produced by Matthew Saunders for his MFA at Virginia Tech.

"The Brain Opera" - musical performance with contributions from online participants and live proximal audience.



"Ouedis - a world wide oddyssey" - internet theatre project, 1995-97

ATHEMOO created

The Palace graphical chat room launched



"ArTisTheatre" by ParkBench (Nina Sobell & Emily Hartzell) - potentially first online performance using video (web cams).

The Plaintext Players begin performing in PMC MOO.

"pcbeth" performed by the Hamnet Players in an IRC channel



"Hamnet" performed by the Hamnet Players in an IRC channel - potentially the first online performance.



"Burntime" - a networked art project using fax and phone, led by Cheryl Casteen and Charles Flickinger at Artspace Gallery, Auckland; included a live jam and storytelling with participants in NZ and USA.



LambdaMOO started by Pavel Curtis



"Aspects of Gaia"
Ars Electronica



IRC developed by Jarkko Oikarinen



"La Plissure du Texte"
Roy Ascott



"A Space With No Geographical Boundaries".
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz



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