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Avatar Body Collision presents

s w i m
an exercise in remote intimacy
"SWIM was a provocative multimedia show that had a good response and communication with the audience, through language of new technology but also warm energy and good humor. It represents a creative experiment in the crossing the borders between theatre and cyberspace. It is also stimulating example for performance artists to explore in that direction. It was our pleasure to have it on the program of the Festival."
Jadranka Adjelic, Director, ANET Festival

Excerpts from "swim - an exercise in remote intimacy" from helen jamieson on Vimeo.

"s w i m – an exercise in remote intimacy" is a collage of immersive images, splashy flirtations, wet moments and deep encounters between fleshy cyber bodies that delves into the possibilities and problems of intimacy without physical proximity.

s w i m is approximately 30 minutes long and is performed on stage and screen by four performers. Three of the performers appear via the internet using cross-platform chat applications ivisit and the Palace.

s w i m is breath-taking, side-splitting, erotic and chaotic


"swim - an exercise in remote intimacy" was performed at:

swim, ljubljana 2003

Performance of 'swim' at Mesto Zensk Festival, Ljubljana, 2003; photographer: Nada Zgank