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text log extracts

How to read the logs:

The text logs provide a record of the dialogue and sound effects from the Palace. People's lines appear chronologically, so sometimes several conversations are jumbled up together, and responses to questions seem to appear much later. Some common abbreviations used are "lol" (laugh out loud), "brb" (be right back), "wb" (welcome back) and "tx" (thanks).

Speech appears in cartoon speech bubbles; it can also be made to appear in a thought bubble by placing a : at the beginning of the line, and lines beginning with ! will appear in shout bubbles. Asterisks indicate a whispered conversation between two people (unheard by the others in the room). Lines beginning with ) are sound effects.


Pre-show audience conversation (show 1)
Bushspeak with sound effects supplied by the audience (show 1)
When to control the audience? (show 3)
WitTIEbabY exposes bubba bush as a bot (show 4)


Blur has a hard time selling in Abandon the Matrix
A lively bunch in the Mansion
Head-to head with Greenlit and Muscaria in the Mansion
In the Mansion again, we give WolfMoon paranoia and Elizabeth thinks harder
A violent reaction in Flirt Palace

Pre-show audience conversation (show 1)

GiGgLeß: I have settled On you
aFÆo-Ken: lol
GiGgLeß: V.v
change: eh?
aFÆo-Ken: O.o
aFÆo-Ken: cool
GiGgLeß: NoOoOo
aFÆo-Ken: i have never done that before
GiGgLeß: You know what this war is about?
aFÆo-Ken: I like my smilies better
aFÆo-Ken: :o)
GiGgLeß: It's because What does Iran and Iraq have that they are rich in?
GiGgLeß: !OIL
GiGgLeß: And Bush is from Texas and thats where they do the oil thing
aFÆo-Ken: I hate that song
blur: Hello Darling Friends
aFÆo-Ken: Who is that
blur: and Media Friends
blur: we will be with you
blur: in
blur: erm
blur: two minutes
blur: the Big Man
blur: is on his way
blur: slight delay
blur: some kind of
blur: terrorist threat
GiGgLeß: Who is the big man?
aFÆo-Ken: Thats looks like blair
blur: erm
blur: we do hope
aFÆo-Ken: I hate him
blur: that the members of the press
frock: !terrorists!
frock: are there terrorists here?
blur: and our friends in Europe
blur: and the colonies
frock: didn't you check their shoes!!?
blur: will
blur: erm
blur: erm
blur: blair with us
change: anyone have a q in their name?
blur: for a short moment
blur: thank you
GiGgLeß: : My name is Nadia
frock: it's all just a blur
aFÆo-Ken: I live in England
GiGgLeß: : An arab name
GiGgLeß: : I'm part arab, but I am no terrorist
change: :terrorist for sure
aFÆo-Ken: Although I am not British
aFÆo-Ken: I like that name
GiGgLeß: : I am not a terrorist
aFÆo-Ken: Its nice
webdog(tm): this server is in england?
aFÆo-Ken: My name is Kylie
GiGgLeß: : But I do have a step-mom that wears a thing around her head

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Bushspeak with sound effects supplied by the audience (show 1)

bubba bush: thank you
aFÆo-Ken: )KISS
Dr Evil: God bless bubu
bubba bush: god bless america
aFÆo-Ken: )AMEN
bubba bush: !shit!
bubba bush: what happened?
bubba bush: where'd the flag go?
sick //kee-gy: God Bless America and Canada
bubba bush: who are those women?
daddy bush: For cry an out loud son
bubba bush: dad?
bubba bush: !dad!
sick //kee-gy: omg
daddy bush: i told your Mom
bubba bush : thank god you're here
daddy bush: I told her
sick //kee-gy: Blame Canada?
daddy bush: I said Barbara
bubba bush : something crazy is happening
daddy bush: that boy is a peanut
bubba bush: !help me, dad
daddy bush: hey
bubba bush: don't turn your back on me now!
daddy bush: lots of nekked women
daddy bush: oh my
bubba bush: !dad!
webdog(tm): was from the south park movie
daddy bush: take a look at that skinny arse
bubba bush: stop looking at the women!
bubba bush: !help me!
daddy bush: wot son
aFÆo-Ken: )NO
bubba bush: i need your help
daddy bush: I gave you my boots
aFÆo-Ken: )POP
daddy bush: listen boy
bubba bush: what, dad?
daddy bush: remember one thing
aFÆo-Ken: )YES
bubba bush: yes, dad
daddy bush: they may not like you
aFÆo-Ken: )YES
bubba bush: no?
daddy bush: they may not vote for you
aFÆo-Ken: )POP
aFÆo-Ken: )NO
aFÆo-Ken: )KISS
bubba bush: i don't care
daddy bush: but you can screw them anyway
bubba bush: yes!
aFÆo-Ken: )DEBUT
daddy bush: be a good texan
bubba bush: !i can screw them!
aFÆo-Ken : )CRUNCH
bubba bush: but dad
aFÆo-Ken: )BOOM
bubba bush: one thing
daddy bush: absolutely
bubba bush: laura won't
aFÆo-Ken: )BELCH
daddy bush: wot son
bubba bush: laura won't put out for me
aFÆo-Ken: )AMEN
daddy bush: !wot
bubba bush: i can't screw laura
daddy bush: dont ask her
daddy bush: wot do we say in texas
bubba bush: don't ask ... ?
bubba bush: oh, i get it, dad
bubba bush: sure
bubba bush: hehe
daddy bush: :take what is ours
bubba bush: thanks dad
daddy bush: :and take what isnt
daddy bush: hehe
aFÆo-Ken: who are thsoe people
bubba bush: you always know what to do


aFÆo-Ken: ewwww
blur: )boom
bubba bush: I
bubba bush: Am
bubba bush: The
bubba bush: President
bubba bush: Of
bubba bush: The
bubba bush: United
bubba bush: States
bubba bush: Of
bubba bush: America

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