Avatar Body Collision

Dress The Nation
screen shots

1st show

The premiere had the greatest audience turn out. They also behaved as "traditional" spectators would - they gathered up in the corner of the room/stage and mainly followed our play quietly. Most of them also joined us interventions to other palaces. The mere presence of a handful of women in black veils can be too much - many of us were killed or gagged before we had said a thing.

2nd show

The performers outnumbered the audience for the second show. Nevertheless this was a great performance to do, and the audience participated with witty thought bubbles

Throughout the day, a Rastafari chatterbot, Laban, provided therapy for any disturbed audience with his ever so jolly life attitude.

Great debate happened in the Mansion, which is populated by mostly American teenagers. There were passionate comments both for and aginst the war, conspiracy theories and all sorts of speculation as to the real reasons for this possible war.

3rd show

tank, explosions end war
intervention intervention
The third audience was the most obstreperous, mainly because of "sexy lady" who just couldn't stop painting & erasing during the "bushspeak" scene.

The performance turned into a battle of paint and erase, explosions, sounds and chaos. We performers were actually discussing privately whether we should kill her or not. Yes, on-line performance has the benefit of severe punishment for those that misbehave! Luckily this time the bully logged out before we could kill her.

4th show

bubba 1 bubba 2
intervention to flirt intervention to flirt
intervention to flirt intervention to flirt
No screwed-up flag-art nor the long day/night could stop us from putting everything into a great last performance. The online audience was small but there were several of friends watching over the shoulders of performers and audience as we were typing on our computers.

Bubba Bush was greatly loved and the spectators cuddled up to him as he was giving his stirring speech. One of them suffered confusion about whether or not it was really the president - "you are not really the pres?" ... "in rl?" ... then (falsely) concluded that it was a bot and logged out before the show was over.

Intervertion at the Flirt palace provoked a huge debate when we encountered a woman who had lost her grandfather in the 9/11 disaster. Quite typically in such adult palaces as Flirt, there were pleas to stop the political discussion. Some find online disagreements as uncomfortable as the ones in RL. 'No difference in opinions should happen in our happy harmonious community.'