Put yourself in the picture

The log from the work-in-progress presentation at the Blue Oyster Gallery,
Dunedin Fringe Festival
, October 7 2006.
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The lighter grey writing is audience text, and the black writing preceeded by a <name> is the avatar text, spoken aloud.

what is this place?
the show is almost going to start
on-site audience are not yet inside
this is exciitng/?

<vicki> take off your shoes in here
but welcome, all the online audience
yes, please take off your shoes
and make yourself comfortable
if you want to say who or where you are, please tell us
by the firepalce
my location is upmost secret :)
shoes off. no problem
we have our shoes off here
where is here?
we have everything off
anyone in timbuctoo
where is the fire place?
we're even having it off
well then!!!!!
audience are starting to come in to gallery
in the?
hello swarayses

<n> hello all
good evening
good afternoon
and morning
hey there "real people"
kia ora ! my name is clare from breazker bay wellington
breaker bay
hi i'm philippa from opoho
hi i'm kristin from chicago/ auckland

<s> hello!
hi im dan from wellington
<w> also travellers here?
<s> it's holiday time!
who are you?
<s> we're all going on a holiday
<s> all of us together
and someone is taking video footage next to me
<w> we are travelling from all directions
I just come back from germany
<s> south
<e> east
<w> we go and leave some footprints in the sand eh
are the S skateing on ice or what
i just got back from auckland

<e> north
<s> where shall we go?
<s> auckland?
<w> to a beach
<e> forest
to bed?
<e> woodland
<e> shade
<e> gleaning
fly me to the moon
<e> casting shadows
<pania> come and swim with my people
all blacks
<s> this looks nice!
<pania> but watch for the reef
like photos from the 40s
<pania> my arms outstretched
fishes in the sea
those stomaches are stupendous

<pania> you have heard the tale?
but the beach looks cold
who is pania?
they look freezing
we need hot sand
cool breezes

<pania> i have come and gone from this place
oo she peeks
hot water beach

<s> oh my, it's lovely!
oh wowsky!

<pania> yes inviting
<s> shall we swim?
<s> what clear sparkly water
where are the private pools
<s> miami?
<s> hawaii?
<pania> where?
are there any sharks?
<s> i don't see any sharks
<pania> nearer the south
but what happedned with the moon?

<s> it looks very safe
<s> inviting
<s> welcoming
<s> i am sure it is not zurich ...
<s> OH MHY!
oops that looks like of uncomfortable Pania, watch out for prickles
<s> big waves?????
maybe it is lake Genova

<w> aaaar run run
<s> make for higher ground!
<s> let's go!
<s> phew
<w> phew
<s> lucky escape
oh yes, palms
<w> we must head for the hills
<s> scary eh?
<ed> streuth mate
<ed> these are the hills
<s> where's this?
<w> skiiing yay
run for the hills. bring in the singing nuns
<ed> "all night wind roked the tent.
<s> looks like edmund hilary!
<ed> the wind was fresh and strong
<w> ed!!!
<s> our mountain climbing hero!
<ed> we started to prepare our breakfast and I forced a mug of tea down tsam pa
<s> with tales of derring do
<s> bravery
<s> and survival
<ed> It was 22,000 feet high and tough looking proposition
<w> it is i recognise this
<s> ah, the mountain!
<ed> not the sort of place to get caught in bad weather
<w> something about the mountain
<s> surely it must be safe here
<s> the weather looks loverly
top of the hill
<s> ARGH!
<ed> my feet are cold
belgrade, maybe
is there some icecream

<s> what is that?????
<ed> come down and give me a rub!
<s> erruption????
why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?
<w> ohgod
<s> lahar?
<s> ohmigod
<w> best we head for the city
<w> a coffeee
<w> people
<s> what a dangerous holiday this is
<s> i need a decent coffee!
<s> and a quiet bit of culture ...
to get to the bottom
<s> where could that be?
what happened to edmund?
<e> and an hawaiian shirt
<w> ahhh some folks we recognise
<e> aloha!
Ruapehu could still be erupting
<e> lets go Hawaii
eeeks, tourists
<w> great
<w> is this hawaii
<e> I love tourists!
<e> who is she?
<w> who is that!!!
<helenpm> tair nar kou toe
<helenpm> tair nar koe toe
<helenpm> tair nar koe toe car towwer
<e> tour guide
<helenpm> welcome
<w> what is she saying
<helenpm> to the most wonderful city -
<helenpm> WELLINGTON!
<e> definitely tour guide
<helenpm> it is a great city
haere mai
<helenpm> it has everything
<e> come to Hawaii, meet interesting people
<helenpm> we have the best of everything
<helenpm> we make great movies
<w> goodbiking
<helenpm> with cutting edge technology
<helenpm> digital special effects
<helenpm> we are the best
<w> this looks pacific
<helenpm> we have great IT industry
<helenpm> great creative industry
totally immersive experiences
<helenpm> we are
<helenpm> EARLY
<w> what is that
<helenpm> ADOPTERS
<w> eee
<helenpm> we LOVE technology here
<e> whats that pile up of garbage
<w> eee scape
<helenpm> it is the future
<helenpm> it is great
<w> eee waste
<helenpm> and we are ahead of the world!
digital gurus rock and roll in cyberspace
its like an inca landing pad

<helenpm> well
definitely a PR person or tour guide
<w> where can we go in this place
let's clean up this planet
<helenpm> that bubble burst quickly!
all useless iPOds move to Wellington
how do you escaped from this

<helenpm> i'll just go and talk to peter
nop heather you mean

<deadfish> it used to be so good here
peter pan
dream boy
cant get a decent airport to sunbathe on without someone dumping load of pooters
<s> where?
<deadfish> great people
try alaska next
great times

<deadfish> all the fins
let's go back to the beach
siberia perhaps
parhaps Egypt

<e> now that is more like it
<s> looks pretty good to me!
<e> luxury yacht
<deadfish> they are grreat
<deadfish> they look a bit like this
<e> bee kee knee
<e> blue skies
bring out the champagne
both of them yeah

<deadfish> but then the super yachts
<e> bluer waters
<s> nice tits
<s> my kind of holiday!
<e> what could be so bad?
<deadfish> BILGE!!!!
<s> let's have this one
you live very fast
<e> bilge?
Ah. Bilge
<s> bilge?
<s> what's bilge?
<deadfish> you know the stuff
<s> wow this is great!
<s> beautiful
blow back
<s> scenic
Mary Bilge
<deadfish> at first we didn't recognise it
<s> looks just like the brochures
100% PURE
yet set dark south

<s> ugh!
<deadfish> but then it enveloped us
<s> what's that in the water???
that kind of thing
<deadfish> we suffocated
this is the universe
<s> yuck!

<s> it's spreading!
<deadfish> the photographers started complaining
<s> is it didymo?
pretty bleak
<deadfish> they wanted the scenic shots
<s> it STINKS!
overdose on indigo
nope. bilge

<s> can you smell that???
<deadfish> we couldn't provide it anymore
Milford Sound moster
<s> yuck, i'm not staying here!
but it is beautiful when you lok at the shape of it

<s> there are dead fish
it is the fish that stinks
<w> where to now then?
<s> dead animals
<s> that looks like a dead person too
<s> gross!
dont get carried away

<s> let's get out of here
its just the price you pay for industry
let's go to big daddy
and tourism

<s> oh this looks nice!
<s> let's have a holiday here

<e> define holiday
Scorpio's tail
<s> or could we make our own holiday landscape?
foot space, I guess
we could build a rocket
will we ever return
hello all

<e> half the world cant take holidays
<s> what would it be?
more then half?
all the footspace you need

<s> the perfect holiday destination?
<w> head west i say
<e> north
into the?
<w> south west
<e> cool breezes
noth west?
I vote east

<tiki> immigrate!
<perfect> sun
head for the hills
<e> dark forests
oh, the swarm!
<perfect> peace
<e> lakes
go into your heart
<perfect> rest
everyday should be a holiday why are holidays seperate from oour lives

<perfect> heart
<e> space
rest souds nice
like in valden

<perfect> every day a holiday
<e> miles and miles of woodland
<e> oaks
<e> virgin oaks
<e> virgins
<perfect> valden
<perfect> holy days
<tiki> proceeed to processing

<tiki> immigration is imminent
<s> it sounds great
we should be happier everyday than just dream about the perfect holiday

<s> how do we get there?
<tiki> line up
walden pond
pond life

<s> can we emigrate
does that mnean were moving on/

<tiki> roll up
<s> to the perfect holiday?
<tiki> greens go first
can we leave?
shall we go?
bring on the loungewear

<tiki> all who have green
<tiki> proceed to immigration
<s> we can go to the perfect holiday
and no shoes/
I have Green I am Green

<tiki> green
slaving at work to be able to by a ticket to get as far as possibble
i am wearing much green.

<tiki> you may immigrate now
for a week or so
we have a queue forming ont he left
don't know what counts
Does purple work?
make sure you have your tickets ready
the it beging all over again
form an orderly line

<s> online audience
<tiki> where is our immigration officer?
<s> you can now go to the web cam
no conferring
<s> go back to the web page
no pushing or shoving
<tiki> she can start processing green
where are we immigrating to?
<s> and click on the "second" link
madam, please take off that wig
pack your bags
Green light
i see shoes
pass go
collect $200

<s> yes there are the audiences shoes
<s> those with a green card
<tiki> green people line up
those are mine
are they on holiday?

<tiki> at iommigration
<s> are about to enter the immigration processessing centre
those are my green stilettos
where are your shoes?

<s> the shoes are on holiday
<tiki> your officer will assist you to process
excuse me sir, may I have my shoes back!!
<s> some of them have even paired up differently
<tiki> she has the processing procedure
its kiwi

<s> they are having a ball
officer, that gentleman has taken my slingbacks
where are our shoes we want to go

<tiki> green people please
<s> here they come
cinderella styles
<tiki> we have no colour bias but....
i like being told what to do
fits me
where is the pumkin?

<tiki> so far green can go
hey you, yes you over there,
follow me
turn left
what about orange
yeah so many Cinderellas out there waiting for their prince
push the right button

<tiki> pumpkin that makes you orange
say 'ah'
and sit down

<tiki> you must until the otrange people are allowed to immigrate
<tiki> wait that is
what is new zealand BUGBY
sitting already, thanks
I have a bomb
Bomb Alaska
not sitting please, just sit
Can I contribute too
don't worry it's a pudding
repeatedly, sit
not sitting
standing on head. that ok?

<tiki> yello please proceed
puuding, really?
With a Cat on my need
Can you see me?
With a Cat on my Knee
im just jumping up and down
I need to learn to spell

<tiki> oprange hurry up
padongton bear?
<tiki> line up
<tiki> roll up
<tiki> hurry up
will that man with the rug please refrain from singing that refrain
lined up

<tiki> you will be assisited to process
rooled up
<tiki> sorry bliue
Thank you
hurried already
curtains are closing

<tiki> you know how it is
home viewer is confused about what to do with own shoes!
slowed dpwn
you all look familiar

<tiki> always last
do I know you?
which shoes????

<tiki> that's why people have the blues eh
I should do
come on buddy, pick up your feet

<tiki> ok bluie good to go
left over right and under
nice bows
make it quick
My cat is purring but I am not

<tiki> when you are ready proceed
Good , but how
i have a size 9 and a size 6

<w> online
<w> \?
<w> online follow the link
there is something funny going on here
i cant seem to get to the next stage

<w> use you back button
can I have my socks back too?
<w> and go to the webcam
<w> at the gallery
<w> look for the immigration official
who, me?
they look foreign
Error on Page
That's the message I got
shoe poems
do they understand the rules
do they know what is required of them
can we let them in??????
Error on the page?
I want to participate but can't
are you sure?
Is frustration the whole point?
ej, i want to participate too
did you bring your bus pass?
Denied gratification?
I am able to see the webcam but how do we participate?
let me in!
I want to understand but I can't?
I distinctly see a woman picking up shoes on cams

<s> go back to the web page
<s> avatarbodycollision.org
this is a mass conspiracy
shoes are running away now

<s> and click on the second stage link
<s> it will open the web cam
i agree
to be an emigre you must persist
shoes! shoes!
but i do
do I get shoes now too?
what would edmund hillary do in such a situation
who cares
he dont need shoes anymore
Real question: wwjd
when i click it does nothing but says done at the bottom of the page
i beg your p
"I have to warm my feet again"
I have to change socks again
bas lepo
try this link instead

<s> there are more shoes coming!
that's a relief
i still get error on page
and for mem also!
i was reallay worried

<s> hmm
give me give me

<s> from the link on the abc site page?
that we ran out of shoes
works for me
My cat has run away
I have more patience
never know when the shoe supply will run out
But it is wearing thin
emigrate, so to say
hmm. maybe something isn't right on my end

<s> does not need to be index2.html
<s> just go to
<s> http://www.avatarbodycollision.org/familiarfeatures/
<s> but audience are leaving now
<s> i must talk to them
we tripped the light fantastic and it was cool. thanks
I would talk too but my voice is broked
can we have sound next time?
nothing, just the front page
if you do not gain access to paradise on this trip
book again
take the tiki train....ohhhh!
so nothing from shoes tonight
places all taken already :(
I still can't get through

<w> Hi Leena and Karla I'm Helen's sister my name is Philippa
Will it be archived so I can access it at a later date?
hello phillippa
just an endless stream of shoes
hi philippa!

<w> I've heard about both of you
yes archive all
hello philippa
My cat is calling to me

<w> Is it really late at night or early in the morning?
i quess that was it.. show is over?
I love my cat
1:05 london
2 a.m. belgrade
20:00 New york
5pm vancouver
I want to go to him but something might happen yet

<w> wow you are really dedicated
1.03 dunedin
what would you have liked to see?
what did you miss?
what did you expect?
what comes next?
I missed the second part, the bid I was meant to click on when instructed
show her the shoes!

<w> I thought there would be more live performance as well as internet stuff
shoes are all gone now
these shoes are made 4 walking
that's what they did
Was I supposed to see shoes?
they went away?
What's with all the talk about shoes?
shoes are our friends

<w> Just as well I wore warm socks as the concrete floor was a bit cold
<n> that changes in every performance
there is live video stream via cam in gallery showing onsite audience collecting there shoes
<n> lol
my shoes would talk but they lost their tongues
floor warmers
I'm at home wearing slippers
oh, just some joke
internal joke
Slipper and my cat
better that than an external joke
That's my idea of a good weekend
Slippers, cat and avant garde art
and sole
i am totally naked, no shoes esspecially

<w> Helen's mum (and my mum) came to this performance but I think she's rather bemused by it
avantgarde shoes, you mean
<w> Not really her thing
avantgarde socks actually
Pania has no shoes on
oh, soory
slippers perhaps

<w> But good she came along to see what it was like
nothing at all
but she brought extra thick socks for everyone who had to take their shoes off and stand on cold concrete. mothers eh? xx

<w> SHe likes to look after people
regards for mums
i have something - it says an endless stream of shoes... but it just keeps reloading...
good trait in a mum

<betty> hmm
all the shoes are gone now
oh again :(
haere ra!

<w> getting bored now
So the performance involved people standing bare foot on the Blue Oyster Gallery floor?
for us just their shoes, though
Anything else?
oh, what am i missing
I guess so
lots of pretty shoes.

<w> Vicki is chatting to people real live people
then they went away
I'm real and live.
where are that cams?
we could interact and write stuff and kids wrote jokes and thier names too

<w> explaining things to them
leena are you still here?
About the shoes
would you tell her and helen that the online audience would quite like to speak with them too
yeah that would be cool and voices would be cool too...soundfx
yes, about the shoes

<w> Philippa here I have taken over Vicki's laptop
how to speak without voice?
<w> In fact I think I'll take it home
don't need a voice to speak
a e i o u
sign language perhaps?
you have text chat
do you feel disempowered in chatroom
no thanks, %%%%
disembodied perhaps
yes, i feel
Hi Leena - Im nadia
we would like to see you too
i feel smell from the bare foot
hi nadia
hi leena
hi nadia
leena having a smoke
I'm leaving now
came back

N. You study interactive narrayive?
thanks for coming
bye, whoever you are
L. yes i do
clare helens trustee member in pandemonic operations trust wellington but in dunedin
Could you tel me about that?
m: what a performance!!
Is it telling stories and ogetting participation from the audience?
fab performance interactive is cool for all ages
m: a try
L. im am trying to develope interactive storytelling for audiovisual media
sorry, pardon, 'scuse me for being late...
b. what interface?
working on an newITV format at the moment
cool hi lena - i'm just doing some interactive installations around the theme of 'shadow play'
for a museu
m: who is late?
INteractive TV
aah interesting
i'm researching tv in 21st century too...clare

<w> leena i have gone into ivisit
<w> if you two want to see each other
<w> go to the avatara chat room
Oooo I looove shadow play - how does it become interactive?\
ITV yes.. Upcoming is Accidental Lovers.. a love comedy where audience can influence
augmented reality layers of visual meaning being revealed through body gesture. totally cool.
see www.shoko.co.nz
me sorry - LIZ - putting things up this weekend and all going awary
just sneaked onto someones line he he
no ivisit here.
I'm off
Im not quite sure what augmented ....means
are you on second stage now? Liz
LEN. Im off now. bye bye all
hi helen and all- josephine here -- good show everybody! signing off now...
goodbye k and len
thanks for everything

<s> hey mem
still loding again
but now

<e> hey
<helen> how was it?
<e> fast
<e> and furious
<helen> yeah? cool!
<e> aaaaaaaaaah
<helen> talking to people
<e> hey people, are you there?
<helen> sorry
<e> heeeeey!
<helen> the last of the audience are just leaving
<e> oh
<helen> & we have to pack up
<helen> & get out
<e> oouh
<helen> did you see whole thing?
<helen> please email us feedback
<helen> we are interested in everyone's feedback
<helen> as this was experiment to work with both online & on site audiences
<e> aha
were all the performers in the same room?
<e> is there a performance today, again
<e> or what
<helen> that is it i'm afraid
<helen> just one performance
<helen> no, the performers were not all in same room
oh hey there (josephine again) - left this window open - nice surprise to see you again
<helen> the performers were not even in the same country
<helen> hi josephine!
<helen> good to see you : )
<helen> we are just packing up
<helen> have to go in a sec
<helen> but please email feedback!!!
<e> ok
<helen> the performers were in london, helsinki & 2 of us here in th gallery
<helen> in dunedin
<helen> not sure where all of the online audience were
<helen> but mem is in belgrade
<helen> & where are you, josefine?
<e> yes
new york
<helen> cool
<e> wow
<helen> hey, have to go
<helen> please email us feedback
got a nice screen shot of ppl saying where they are from - will send
<helen> & feel free to hang aorund in here & play
<helen> great, thank you!
<helen> byeeee!
ok ciao!
<e> ok, bye