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Desktop Theater

Artificial Stage (Flash 5 required)

Avatar Body Collision

Magdalena Project

BATS Theatre

Creative New Zealand




The Palace

You can download the Palace chat application from sites like FS Hosting and Palace Tools - PC users need the Windows Client 3.5, and Mac users need the Palace Mac Client 3.5. PC users also need the Text-to-Speech plug in.

You can register your client at FS Hosting orthe Roo Group - there are sometimes problems with registering, but persistence usually pays off.


Other Resources

Chatterbots: Crash Test Dummies of Communication, Leena Saarinen, MA Thesis, New Media,

Hamlet on the Holodeck, Janet Murray, MIT Press


Reviews of the[abc]experiment and related articles

Save As Art (interview with Helen)

NBR review (on NZ Fringe site)

Nueral IT






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